• Initiative: Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger
  • Curators: Michiel Romeyn & Roberto Meyer

The main criteria for drawing up the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial 2013 were as follows: Structure of Plan Zuid van Berlage, elementary art, global art and art for all. The summer walk could start on the leafy avenues in Zuid, strolling through the Vondelpark to the Museumplein and now online in the archive. See what moved the artists in 2013!

Titel: Engagement

“At ARTZUID 2013, 61 artists from 26 different countries will show their work. Artists from Africa, Asia and South America, together with artists from Europe and the United States. At ArtZuid, we are not looking for the distinction between them, but for what unites artists: their commitment, their desire to express their ideas in art forms, thereby shaking assumptions and assumptions. – Bert Jansen, art historian

Participating artists