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Mei - September 2023

Editie VIII
Mei - September 2023

Editie VIII

ARTZUID is the Sculpture Biennial of the Netherlands and makes art accessible to everyone free of charge.

ARTZUID Kinderfeestje

Crafts children’s birthday party

You’re probably looking for a top location to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Feel free to look around or contact us directly to celebrate your creative children’s party at ARTZUID! In addition to unwrapping gifts from friends, we’ll do some great crafting in our decorated studio. What makes it extra fun is that you can come up with your own theme and everyone will have a wonderful piece of art to take home at the end of the day!

ARTZUID art camp


ARTZUID ART CAMP, the place to be in Amsterdam for kids who want to discover art. Where they playfully learn about different art forms and materials, meet new friends, and visit new places. Above all, the place where your child can let his creative mind run free.

Upcoming ART CAMPS:

Recap ARTZUID 2021

During ARTZUID 2021 – Imagine we see artists who work from engagement for a better society. With their sculptures, they question the present time: dreams-rebellion, nature-climate, human-animal, loneliness-labor, equality-freedom, power-impotence, war- refugees and cultural identity.

beelden mag


Beeldenmagazine was founded 24 years ago as an information bulletin of the Dutch Circle of Sculptors. Gradually, it grew into a quarterly magazine with 40 pages. In the beginning of 2021, ARTZUID became the proud publisher of Beeldenmagazine.

Beeldenmagazine is the magazine for sculpture lovers, sculptors, collectors and commissioners of art in public spaces. Regular sections include: an extensive exhibition calendar of sculpture initiatives in the Netherlands and Belgium, interviews with artists, municipal collections, new art commissions and columns by leading sculpture experts such as Jan Teeuwisse.

Special offer!

Beeldenmagazine ordering options:

  • 1-year subscription for €39.50, Beeldenmagazine no. 89, no. 90, no. 91 and an ARTZUID coloring book for free.
  • 2-Year subscription for €79, Beeldenmagazine nr. 89, nr. 90, nr. 91 and two ARTZUID coloring books for free.
Hildo Krop Tour

Hildo Krop Tours

Hildo Krop Tours

Be surprised by the rich variety of sculpture by Hildo Krop and his contemporaries in Amsterdam Zuid! For two years now, our Hildo Krop tours have been very popular among Amsterdam residents, companies and day visitors. During a wonderful one-and-a-half hour walk, you’ll learn all about the symbolism behind the sculptures. An art historian will take you past bridges, façades and public gardens, and back in time when Berlage’s Plan Zuid was being constructed.

artzuid app

Did you miss ARTZUID 2021?

No worries, it is possible to view and listen to the route virtually via the app. The virtual tour guide takes you along all the sculptures and tells you about the artist and the artwork. Or order the full-colour exhibition catalogue with an art-historical explanation of the concept and all the sculptures. You can still enjoy the art from your armchair.

Download the app for €5