• Initiative: Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger
  • Curators: Michiel Romeyn and Jhim Lamoree

Busy calendars, social media, internet, television and telephone largely determine our lives. Attention for our fellow human beings often falls short of the mark. This summer we are changing that. With the sculpture route we create a meeting place to enliven the neighbourhood.

Titel: Interspace & Connection

“Why do we embrace figurative sculpture in our hearts? It invites us to touch it, although in most cases this is not the intention. This paradox is one of her attractions. Sculptures are as inviting they are is unapproachable. A confrontation with sculptures can be compared to the encounter of a stranger when you shake hands for the first time. The personal and the supra-personal meet each other, a subtle game of attraction and repulsion, of keeping one’s distance and convergence begins.”
– Jhim Lamoree & Michiel Romeyn

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