Activities & collaborations

In addition to guided tours, other activities such as courses, artist talks and lectures will take place during the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial ARTZUID. The Art Zuid Foundation also collaborates with other cities and cultural organisations.


CourseII : Learning to look at modern art 

A fascinating journey of discovery through the many movements of modern art.

Modern art fascinates and appeals to the imagination, but can sometimes also come across as somewhat intimidating. In this course series, we will look at how 20th and 21st century art can be looked at.
What are the stories behind the works of art? How did the art forms develop and what do they ask from us as spectators? The course is a fascinating journey of discovery through the many styles of modern art. After following this course, you will enjoy visiting exhibitions of modern and contemporary art even more.

Diana Kostman shares her passion for the arts with us and has more than 15 years of experience in giving courses, lectures and guided tours. She studied Art History and General Cultural Studies at the UvA. She has been giving guided tours for ARTZUID since 2015.

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Leer kijken naar kunst

Artist Talks

Meet the ARTZUID artists in person!

The Artist Talks will be held again during ARTZUID 2023. Artists will talk about the development of their oeuvre. They’ll go deeper into the work process. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to take a look at the work of art in the exhibition. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Artist Talk of 1 hour.
  • Meet the artist personally.
  • Listen to the stories behind the artwork.
  • Location: Information pavilion ARTZUID (Minervalaan 1).
  • The agenda of the Artist Talks will be announced in our newsletter.
  • Reservation is necessary.
Iris Le Rütte - artist talk


Hildo Krop Jubilee Year

In 2020, it was fifty years ago that artist Hildo Krop (1884-1970) died in harness. For forty years he was Amsterdam’s city sculptor. In the Hildo Krop 2020 theme year, various organisations will be celebrating Krop’s significance as an artist and idealist. This has led to cooperation with the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, the Hildo Krop Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, ARCAM and Museum het Schip.

As a result of this collaboration, ARTZUID launched the Hildo Krop Tour in 2020. This year, it is again possible to book the Hildo Krop Tour.

stichting art zuid Gevelbeelden tour Hildo Krop