• Initiative Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger
  • Curator Ralph Keuning

The corona year turned our lives upside down. With all its limitations, we were thrown back on ourselves and our coexistence was reset. During the lockdown, our thinking about public space changed. Parks, squares and pavements spontaneously became new places to meet and be together ‘safely’. Certain democratisation of public space made its appearance.

During ARTZUID 2021 – Imagine, we see artists who work from engagement for a better society. With their sculptures, they question the present time: dreams-resistance, nature-climate, man-animal, loneliness-labour, equality-freedom, power-impotence, war- refugees and cultural identity.

Titel: Imagine

“The fiftieth anniversary of the death of sculptor Hildo Krop prompted the Art Zuid foundation to take a number of guiding themes in Krop’s work as a starting point for the selection of artists for ARTZUID 2021.

ARTZUID 2021 is looking for artists whose work directly depicts an emotional trigger. Recognisable to the viewer, a legible image as a condensed story. In this way, we connect to the expressive, figurative aspect in the sculptures of Hildo Krop. The other aspect through which we are inspired by Krop is intrinsic: his concern for skewed social relationships and other universal themes such as the equality of man and woman, and the relationship between man and nature. ” Bert Jansen, art historian


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Participating artists