• Initiator Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger
  • Curators Michiel Romeyn & Roberto Meyer

What happens here in late summer can be seen as an encouraging and inviting gesture to the whole city and especially to the whole neighbourhood. Not mass culture, but images that can open our eyes and bridge the gap between what we mean and think and what happens outside of us. Not a cheap sensation, but a thoughtful walk that can take us back to what really matters. These images are meant to keep people going.


Titel: Berlage in Beeld

“The summer of 2009 will appeal to the imagination in Amsterdam Zuid on the intersections of Apollolaan and Minervalaan. With an aura that extends to all corners of the Beethoven neighbourhood and with echoes that are expected to resound throughout the city of Amsterdam, of which this neighbourhood is after all a special district. What has been asking for an answer for years is now being answered on a large scale for the first time, with the ultimate aim of giving Berlage’s spacious creation back its original function. The Apollo and Minervalaan were once routes to meet each other, strolling or creating a breath of fresh air, a form of meeting and relaxation, with the opportunity to broaden one’s gaze…” – Frans Duister


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