ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen

  • Initiative: Alderman for Art and Culture Herbert Raat, City of Amstelveen
  • Curator: Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger, Director Stichting Art Zuid Foundation

“In Amstelveen we are proud of our art and culture, from wonderful museums as Cobra Museum and Museum Jan van der Togt, to local art associations such as Vereniging Amstelland Kunst and Stichting Amstelveense Kunstbelangen. Each and every one contributes to the cultural offering in our municipality. We are showcasing a number of our sculptures under the banner ‘ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen’”. – Herbert Raat

Titel: ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen

“I am particularly proud that the city of Amstelveen has asked the Stichting Art Zuid Foundation to make a connection between the old village and the new city center. When I explored the area, I immediately thought of a sculpture trail by Klaas Gubbels on the beautiful green Oudekerkerkade. Klaas Gubbels is celebrating his 85th birthday this year with an exhibition of his paintings in Museum Jan van der Togt this summer. It’s delightful that visitors can then walk past the statues of Gubbels in the direction of the Cobra Museum, that always has great exhibitions.” – Cintha van Heeswijck

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