Gerda Maise

Gerda Maise

Name: Gerda Maise
Born: Switzerland, 1947
Art Zuid edition(s): 2019

About Gerda Maise

Gerda Maise is a visual artist who has chosen not to exhibit too much.

She forms a duo with Daniel Göttin, who often works with tape. Usually these works are temporary. The designs are therefore situation and location specific. ‘The red carpet Red Circles – Red Frames’, which Maise and Göttin made together for ARTZUID (2019) is characteristic of their work. A maximum effect was achieved with minimal means.

The spaces occupied by the artworks are an integral part of the installation and play a major role in how the viewer experiences them. The work has been featured in more than sixty solo exhibitions and projects around the world.

With Daniel Göttin, Gerda Maise founded the experimental exhibition space Hebel_121 in Basel, named after its location: Hebelstrasse 121. It offers artists from all over the world the opportunity to present installations and other works.

Maise’s work has been exhibited mainly in Switzerland, but has also been shown in France and Australia.


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