1/7 - 17/10 2021 1/7 - 17/10 2021
ARTZUID is the leading sculpture biennale in the Netherlands. Every two years, fifty high-profile sculptures are exhibited for four months in the green lanes and parks of Amsterdam Zuid. The sculpture selection is of museum quality and features top international artists and promising young Dutch talent. ARTZUID’s mission is to create a new meeting place for people on the street through art and to make art accessible to everyone free of charge.
ARTZUID 2021 rob voerman


The 7th edition of ARTZUID will take place from 1 July – 17 Octoberentitled IMAGINE. Originating from the song John Lennon wrote 50 years ago. As an artist he expressed in the lyrics his dream for a better world where the world is one. He was a committed artist just like sculptor Hildo Krop who 100 years ago, after the horrors of WWI, saw a new role for artists. As an artist, you had to contribute to a better society. His sculptures on façades and bridges in Berlage’s Plan Zuid are like pamphlets full of socialist symbolism for a better world.

ARTZUID 2021 shows artists with engagement, artists who work figuratively and expressively with an intercultural visual idiom.


ARTZUID ART CAMP Voorjaarsvakantie


ARTZUID ART CAMP, the place to be in Amsterdam for kids who want to discover art. Where they playfully learn about different art forms and materials, meet new friends and visit new places. Above all, the place where your child can let his creative mind run free.

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Hildo Krop Tours

As an artist, Krop wanted to make a contribution to society and bring art to people. In 1917 the construction of the southern extension of the city of Amsterdam, the so-called Plan-Zuid after a design by architect H.P. Berlage, started. On countless facades and bridges Krop’s sculptures shine full of symbolism about a better world for people, animals and nature.

Walk with us and be surprised by the richness of sculptures of Hildo Krop and contemporaries in the public space of Amsterdam Zuid! Everyone is welcome to join the guided tour! We work with groups of up to 10 participants and keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Departure every Saturday and Sunday at 13.00 hours from the entrance of the Apollo House, Apollolaan 15 in Amsterdam, the tour takes 1.5 hours. Booking in advance is necessary.

* All tours are currently postponed due to covid-19.

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