Esther Tielemans

Esther tielemans

‘Painting is central to my work. The starting point is the flat surface, but the works often function as spatial objects that enter into a relationship with their environment and spectator.’

Name: Esther Tielemans
Born: Netherlands, 1976
Art Zuid edition(s): 2017

Social Media: Instagram

About Esther Tielemans

Esther Tielemans is a painter, sculptor and installation artist,  her work mainly consists of panel paintings. She was educated at the St. Joost Academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Then she spent a year at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

She has become known for her instantly recognizable painting, executed in matt or high gloss finish, ranging from bright and colorful work to inky black. Over the years, Tielemans’ work has become increasingly more abstract and painting itself has become a subject of research for her.

Initially landscape was the starting point for her work, but gradually her work has progressed into its own world of colors, shapes, reflections and gloss. Her installations have great appeal due to their shape and colors. It is as if the audience becomes part of the installation. This also applies to her work Untitled (seven columns, four paintings), each column is almost seven meters high, made of plywood coated with acrylic. This installation was exhibited on the Minervalaan during ART ZUID in 2017.

For Tielemans, apparent reality runs parallel to the so-called makeable world. For her, a work of art must be a reflection of the times. She is a regular guest lecturer at art schools, where she shares personal knowledge and experience, but also discusses the substantive and business aspects of the profession.

Her work Based on a True Story, which was shown in Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen (NH) in 2019, shows that abstract art arises from a real experience. Which can no longer be retrieved in its entirety, but is only partially stored in memory. Resultingly abstract work is sometimes based on pleasant memories, but also on sad ones.


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