Jehoshua Rozenman

Jehoshua Rozenman

‘I have always been mainly interested in temporary projects, in events that last only a short time, and all that remains is the memory.’

Name: Jehoshua Rozenman
Born: Israël, 1955
Art Zuid edition(s): 2013

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About Jehoshua Rozenman

Jehoshua Rozenman is a sculptor, glass artist, video maker and painter. As a young adult he moved to the Netherlands and went on to study at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In 2007 he moved on to glass to make his ideas tangible.

Nevertheless, his sculptures look like they are made of wax, iron, or ceramics. That is why Rozenman’s work is also called ‘anti-glass’. The organic character of his sculptures refers to nature; the transience of life is the common thread in his work. Glass has different dualities as a material. On the one hand, it has a better chance of surviving than a painting, on the other hand, it can shatter easily. It can be beautiful and light, but also show the dark side of life. Glass is strong, but also extremely vulnerable.

Jehoshua Rozenman uses the versatility of glass and its implicit properties to create works of art with multiple meanings. His sculptures are elusive, deceptive, and enigmatic. They are often dark and opaque and do not or hardly reflect.

In 2019 he made Circular Ashes, a two and a half-meter high and almost three-hundred-kilo heavy work. It looks like broken industrial machines stacked and welded together. Space junk or a meteorite. But it clearly isn’t. Rozenman casts glass, as others cast bronze, silver, or copper. It is a time consuming, complicated, and unique process.

City walks and fantasies lead to sculptures that have connotations with social or political events, incidents from the collective memory.

The imposing bridges of New York were the source of inspiration for Crystal Clear Night, a relatively small sculpture (53 cm high), which was on display during ART ZUID 2013. This sculpture seems rough, coarse, and almost threatening, but it is and remains glass: vulnerable, fragile and fragile.


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