Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric

‘I like interpretations and shared experiences: books on books, exhibition catalogs, interpretations of films. Some of my favorite artworks and movies have been described only by me. A description can yield new work, while acting as a portrait of the person who retells the idea, the plot.’

Name: Oliver Laric
Born: Austria, 1981
Art Zuid edition(s): 2019

Social Media: Instagram

About Oliver Laric

Oliver Laric is a sculptor, video maker and above all an artist who uses the internet as a base. He studied at the University of Applies Arts in Vienna. Many of his works are manipulations or reinterpretations of existing cultural objects or images from Greek or Roman antiquity. He rarely sees the boundaries between authentic and non-authentic, the present and past, the original and the reconfigurations that follow.

Concepts such as authorship, truth, uniqueness or copy are less relevant to Laric. He presents his work through continuous video series, using technologically advanced methods. He shows that the re-use of images is timeless and that a copy also has a – completely unique – value for a culture.

His sculpture is also based on the following concept. The Internet creates easy reproducibility, with endless variation possibilities and lightning-fast distribution. Laric first makes 3D scans of historical sculptures from various (art) historical museums and then physical reproductions. His work is part of the contemporary subculture, but also undermines the notion of the artwork’s authenticity.

In 2019, during ART ZUID Larics sculpture St. Veronica was shown; a one and a half meter high plastic sculpture, which looks like old marble. Art history and technology coincide, just like past and future, form and content. Chronology no longer seems to play a role in Laric’s universe.

Oliver Laric has participated in group and solo exhibitions around the world. In 2006, he founded the art blog and site vvork.com with a few friends, which also functions as an exhibition space and platform.


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