Paul Segers

Paul segers

“My works focus on a human condition in a high-tech and media-saturated society. There are many possibilities within that theme.’

Name: Paul Segers
Born: Netherlands, 1976
ARTZUID edition(s): ARTZUID 2013

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About Paul Segers

Paul Segers is a sculptor, architect, visual artist, performer, draftsman, video artist and installation builder. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts and Design St. Joost in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and at the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede. He teaches at the academies of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda.

His work responds to the tension between history and progress in a hyper-technological era, mobility and the role of automation in society. For example, Segers integrated various ideas into his Future Artifacts sculpture series that suggest future developments, but are in fact already in motion. He made six drones that can be found in the distant future. They suggest that it is essential to think about and reflect on our fast-moving times. They are tangible proof that all technology are extensions of our body.

Splash by Paul Segers was exhibited during the third edition of ARTZUID, in 2013, it is reminiscent of dolphins in a harbour. On closer inspection, they are holding a hanging scale model of a house in their midst. At high tide, the house rises, floats and remains stable on the water surface. It is Seger’s ironic commentary on the Dutch greed for regulation, aimed at solutions, but which is fundamentally at odds with what he describes as “cooperating”.

Almost all of Paul Segers’s works are large. They are impressive for their depiction of contemporary subjects, the artist seeks contrasts and processes them with a sense of humour. He also mixes media: an exhibition often consists of installations, films, videos and collages that in turn question the use of modern means.


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