Hildo Krop

Starting out as a pastry chef in Steenwijk, Krop only entered the world of art in 1906. After training and internships, his career gets off to a flying start in 1913 with a prestigious commission for Het Scheepvaarthuis on Amsterdam’s Prins Hendrikkade. Starting in 1916, he had a part-time job with the municipality of Amsterdam for forty years, and so many of his sculptures appeared in the streets that he was awarded the honorary title of city sculptor in 1956. In addition to his work for the municipality, Krop also carries out commissions and free work in his own studio. This increases his visibility both inside and outside his town.

After the horrors of WWI and the Russian Revolution, Krop wanted to make a contribution to society as an artist and bring art to the people. He translated his socially contented message into a figurative, expressive visual language, in line with the international Expressionism in art at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1917, the construction of the southern extension of the city of Amsterdam started, the so-called Plan-Zuid, designed by architect H.P. Berlage. Krop’s sculptures, full of symbolism about a better world for people, animals and nature, can be seen on countless façades and bridges. What about Krop’s ideals one hundred years later? And which subjects demand our attention today?

ARTZUID Viering Hildo Krop 2020

Hildo Krop (1884 – 1970)

ARTZUID – Façade sculpture tours

The abundance of sculpture in the public space is tremendous in Plan Zuid by Architect H.P. Berlage. If you pay attention, you see sculptures everywhere in the streets. Artist Hildo Krop takes center stage with his work, that is always there for a reason.

In addition to the artworks of Hildo Krop, there are also sculptures of his contemporaries to be admired in Plan Zuid, for whom much less work remained. They were mostly dependant on Amsterdam School architects that worked for private clients. One of such was Gerrit Jan Rutgers, who gave beautiful commissions to a number of artists. During this expressionist movement art belonged to the people and it had to adorn buildings, gardens, squares and bridges. The members of this movement desired a close community. In the current age of individualism, this period of Dutch history therefore deserves extra attention.

ARTZUID – Berlage Tours

Discover the hidden artworks of Hildo Krop and his contemporaries during the ARTZUID Berlage tours. Every Sunday, our art historian will take people of all ages through Plan Zuid of architect H.P. Berlage along buildings, gardens, squares and bridges. Come and immerse yourself in the abundance of sculpture present in the public space. A tour you won’t forget! Groups can book this tour on any date via communicatie@artzuid.nl.

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